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"We are the little 'big man' of the Industry"

​Kruno Sajgo

Atlantic Machining Inc.

CNC Turning

Atlantic Machining offers CNC-Turning services for products ranging in sizes for long length and large diameter pieces.



     Long Length Work piece

     ​From 11"  to 110" in length with diameters up to 12.5". 





     Large Diameter Work piece 

​     Up to 16" in length and 22" in diameter.





​The tolerances typically held for most critical dimensions is +/- 0.0005".  Surface finishes as high as 8Ra can be achieved where required.

CNC Milling

General CNC-Milling services are offered for most parts fitting a 24" x 42" x 28" work envelope. 

     Milled Components




          -Wear Plates


                              We offer:

                                 - 5-Axis CNC-Milling services for parts with complex            

                                   geometries and tight tolerances 


                                  -4-Axis (radial indexing) for parts up to 28" in length at a  

                                   max diameter of 14"

                                  -5-Axis machining for parts up to 14" in length at a max  

                                   diameter of 12"

​​​Typical GD&T tolerances for these types of applications range from

+/-.001" to +/-.0002",  depending on the material and application.

Processing Partnerships

Whether your project entails: Heat treating, surface grinding, welding or being sent out for post-machining processing; we have your bases covered.  

With an established network of specialty service providers we are able to deliver your finished product with all required documentation.

     Value Added Services

          -Heat Treatment (Vacuum Hardening, Nitriding, Carburizing)

          -Processing (Anodize, Chrome, Nickel/Zinc Phosphate, Teflon, Black  


          -Gear/Spline Cutting

          -EDM Sink/EDM Wire Cutting


Precision Machining, Machining, CNC Machining, Mining, Automation

Quality Control

​The nature of our industry leans towards continuous improvement and maximizing efficiencies.  In our business, what we learn from one project or application; we are able to apply to the next job, passing along the savings and improvements to our customers.

Documentation? Traceability? In-Process Inspection?  We can provide that.  We work with your Engineers, Inspectors and Auditors to satisfy your production requirements.

Whether your standards are ISO, TSSA, API, CFIA, or FDA; we continually benchmark ourselves against our competitors and adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients.  Find out why our customers put their Trust In and ​Rely On our Parts and Service​.


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